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If you are searching for a specific item, please include as much information as you know, such as the Title, Author,  
Publisher, Bar Code, or ISBN Number.  The more info you have, the easier it will be to find your items!
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Artist or Author:
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If you are requesting a manga, book, game, or other item, please include as much information as possible so we can find
it more quickly.  We can find books very quickly if you know the
ISBN number. Please include the Title/Name of the item,
and the
Artist or Author if you know it. Some books or games are offered by more than one publisher, so please include
Publisher's name if you are looking for a specific version.

Please feel free to include any
links to Photos, Websites or Blogs, etc if it will help identify your requested items!
Usually the Title and Author
are enough for us to find your items.
The Publisher and ISBN numbers or any
bar-codes will also help us find more rare items.

Where can you find all this information?
Usually a quick web search will find most of the
information needed to find your favorites.
Many Blogs and fan-sites already have all the
info you need!

If you already have part of a series and you want
to complete the series, then just look at one of your
current books!  This will help us find your other
books more quickly.

The ISBN number is usually printed on the back cover with the bar codes.

Here is a sample scan of the bar-codes and ISBN numbers, that's all we need!  

Don't worry if you don't have a scanner, just email us all the numbers you can find and we will get started searching
for your items !

As soon as we find your items, we will send you a quick email. We only charge exact cost of book and postage, plus a small fee
for the search service!

This is a great way to build your manga or game library and save your money!