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We have some ideas, but we don't have the time to implement yet:
  • Our online Reading-Room will be opening soon! Here you will be able to preview a few chapters before buying a new manga
  • We'd enjoy hosting some active forums or chat rooms, let us know what topics you would enjoy moderating.
  • We'd enjoy hosting your original artwork and creative fan-fictions!
  • We plan to build a better catalog to improve your shopping experience.
  • We're looking for someone who can publish an e-zine style review and summary column! We'll even supply you with
    copies of the newest books for free, you only supply your time and creative genius!
  • We are also looking at offering cheap subscriptions to monthly magazines, possibly in electronic format to save on
    shipping costs.
  • We also will be offering catalog shopping for your convenience. Popular Japanese products will be available for a slight
    fee, and we will ship direct to your home. You will not need to speak or read Japanese to have these great items!
  • Your ideas will be added here!
We are your personal contact in Tokyo for all things related to original Japanese Vintage Video Games, Manga Comics, School
Uniforms, and we often feature unique Japanese crafts and antiques.  

We like to introduce the world to all the many fine Games, Manga, Comics, and Graphic Novels available in Japan. We have
thousands of great titles available, both as individual books, games or complete sets, and of course, we offer FREE English
translations for most of our books to increase your enjoyment!

We developed this "Passing-Fancy Online" web site to expand and compliment our growing eBay and Bonanza Stores.  We use
this site to promote Special Offers, Large Manga Comic Sets, Other items not available for sale on our partner sites, and to
redeem your new Repeat Customer Appreciation Coupons!

We list a few books, and tons of games in our new
Bonanza Store.
Bonanza offers a social networking style to the shopping experience.
With Facebook style "friend connections" and live chats during your
shopping experience, Bonanza is truly offers "Everything but the Ordinary".
Please join us, I'm sure you will love the new site as much as we do!

We are also the Largest eBay source for translated Manga comics!
Check out thousands more items in our Giant eBay Store here:
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