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Free Gifts !
Passing Fancy Online is always looking for other websites to partner with!

Would you like to receive FREE cash or gifts to help run you website/fansite/or blog? Would you enjoy a little help paying for your
web-hosting or server bandwidth costs? Would you like free gifts to share with your site visitors? Would you like to make a little
income on the side with little or no work?

We offer several partnership opportunities to help you realize these goals!

Maybe you don't want to sell anything, or maybe the focus of your site is strictly non-profit,.. However, you could still enjoy some
free cash and gifts to enhance your site!
Website Partnership, Free Gift Opportunity !
First, we are a quick, inexpensive (or even FREE) source for many Japanese products!

Passing-Fancy currently offers thousands of Japanese books, magazines, antiques, clothing, unique gifts, and even daily
Japanese commodities for you to use or even resell. We have a very large, and constantly growing inventory of items to chose
from, and we will gladly help you find any item you wish to add!  Our prices are always low, and we offer bulk discounts as well.

We also offer a
FREE Drop-Shipping Service to help you sell anything with no up-front cost to you!
Second, we offer Cash Kick-Backs for each sale you refer to our store!

For example, if a customer buys an item from our store, and mentions your site by name, then we will send you a share of the
profit just for sending the business our way!
1. You simply post a link to our store, and tell your site visitors to mention your website's name when they order.
2. The buyer orders from us, and we will send a PayPal donation to your site for a percentage of the sale.
3. We will even list special request items for you, so you can tell your site visitors where to buy them!

Let's say you run a translation site or book review blog:

1. Simply post a message like,
"Please support the artists and publishers by purchasing the original books".
Then give a link to our store so your website or blog readers can find us. Make sure to tell them to mention your site so we know
where the referral came from. (such as, "I heard about you from the Manga Mania blog")

2. When the buyer makes their purchase and mentions your site at any point during their order, then we will send a percentage of
the sale to you as a donation. (Most of our partner sites prefer to receive payment by PayPal)

We can even supply a nice banner link for you to use!

3. You have just made a quick profit and you have never even touched the books!  We have partner sites that easily earn $50-500
or more per month this way. This is a better income than those pesky ads you ask your site visitors to click on!

Third, we also offer Free Gifts to help keep visitors coming back to your site!

1. Maybe you have active message forums or file downloads, and you wish to give a prize to the most active writer, poster, or file
up-loader.  We can offer free books or other gifts and send them straight to your contest winners, at no cost or trouble to you!

Some of our partner sites run monthly contests and raffles, and Passing-Fancy provides the free gifts!

Your site visitors will keep coming back to you for their chance to win free stuff!

We only ask that you try to send a few customers our way! If we pick up a lot of sales by your referrals, then we will offer better
gifts!  We can also help you setup your own e-commerce site to improve your profits!  We will provide everything for you to sell at
no up-front cost!  See our
FREE Drop Shipping Services  page for more information.

We want to see the manga community grow, so we will always listen to your new ideas as well if you have some other ideas to
partner our two sites.
Ready to get started or just want more information? Contact us now!