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Would you like to Work-at-home, selling Japanese manga comics & CosPlay items on eBay, or
your own website/fansite/or blog?  

We can provide these popular items to you VERY cheaply, or even FREE (no up-front costs!)  If you have a store, a website, or any
other venue to sell manga, CosPlay, Uniforms or other Japanese items, then I hope Passing-Fancy can help your business grow,
improve sales, and increase profits.

We currently offer several ways to get you started, and we will certainly listen to any new ideas you would like to try!
Business "B2B" Opportunities !
Second, we offer Drop-Shipping Services to help you sell more with no up-front costs!

Drop Shipping makes it possible to advertise products without storing them yourself, thus saving the costs involved in purchase,
procurement, storage, and upkeep of the stock. Therefore, with less space required for storage, and direct reduction in expenses
incurred on buying and maintaining the stock, you can run your business more smoothly and efficiently.

For example:  If you would like to sell popular Japanese Manga Comics on your web-site or eBay store, we can help!
1. You simply list the items for sale (we will even provide photos and descriptions to help you!)
2. The buyer orders from you, and sends you their payment.
3. You send Passing-Fancy B2B a copy of the sale, and we ship the order as if it came from you!

Here's how the process works:

1. Find an item to sell from our giant inventory:
Let's say you wish to sell the Japanese comic "Bleach #1", this book normally sells on eBay for around $9.99.
Review our inventory, and you will discover that Passing-Fancy offers this book to you for only $5.99 (or less).
Don't worry, we don't charge you any money until after you make a sale!

2. List the item for sale.
You can post this item for sale on your own Website, or eBay store, etc for $9.99 (or any price you choose).
We can even provide a product description, and detailed photos to help make your listing look great.

3. Wait for the orders to roll in!

4. After your customer pays you $9.99 for their purchase, you simply pay us the $5.99 and pocket the extra!

5. Passing-Fancy B2B will then rush the book directly to your customer.  
We can even ship with your own Personalized Packing Invoice as well for a more professional look!
We can even email you and/or your customer all the Postal Tracking information if desired.
We can offer "Gift Wrapping" services if you or your customer desires.
We can offer "Plain Brown Wrapper" packing services if your customer needs privacy.

6. You have just turned a quick $4 profit on a single sale, and you have never even touched the book!
There are many benefits to using our services!

It can be very rewarding to work from your home.  Relaxed and self-paced, you set your own hours. You can work around family
schedules. Or you can even sell as a side business in addition to your regular job! Walk thru the park, take a bath, or lounge in
your robe, while your store tirelessly works 24 hours per day!

No inventory head-aches!  One of the biggest problems with selling on eBay or you own website, is the initial cost of buying and
maintaining your inventory. It could cost you thousands of dollars to invest in items that may never sell. Your home could quickly
become cluttered, and have boxes of products in every corner that need to be protected from pets, kids, dirt, damage, or theft.  
Passing-Fancy B2B can handle all your inventory for you!  All our products are maintained in a clean, climate controlled, dust-free,
pet-free, smoke-free warehouse. All our items are sealed in plastic, shrink-wrap and bubble-wrapped as necessary for safe
shipment to your buyers.

No Up-Front costs!  Many eBayers have garages full of items they bought with the intention of selling. They have paid many
hundreds or even thousands of dollars up front, but never made a return on their investments.  You can use most of our services
FREE, 24 hours per day. You only pay us after you have completed a sale!  Positive Cash Flow!

Unique Items available!  Let's face it, retail sales are controlled by the laws of Supply-and-Demand. Finding a unique product that
no one else is selling can be difficult. We offer many unique, one-of-a-kind items available for you to choose from as well!  We also
have many items like Japanese fashions and accessories which will never be available in your local stores. Using our Premium
Services, we can even "LOCK" an item into your personal inventory to ensure no one else can sell the item as well, so you control
the supply!  

Fresh Product Lines!  We are always adding the newest magazine and book releases, and the current seasonal fashions to our
inventory. We have a very good turnover of one-of-a-kind antiques as well! We will update you all new additions to our inventory.
You can even suggest products that you want to sell, and we will try to add them whenever possible!

Personalized Service Available! Is your site limited in focus? Would you like to carry specific items like Shinjo Mayu manga, or
only Yaoi books, or only School Uniforms?  Then we will work out a personal service plan just for you!

No minimum number of Sales! Once you are set-up, there is no minimum or maximum number of required sales.  We will give you
the same great support whether you sell 1 item or 1,000!

Our Service Grows with you!  Our B2B services are tiered to expand as your business grows. You can easily move from our Free
Tier service to our Premium Tier services easily as your business grows. Do you want a larger inventory? Would you like deeper
discounts? More profit? More personalized service? Just select your own desired Tier as your business grows!  We have
customers that sell only a few items per month, and others who can sell $10,000 or more!
Ready to get started or just need more information? Contact us now!
Premium Services Are Also Available!

Inventory (Shared):
We have many thousands of products for you to sell. We have thousands of books, fashions, accessories, antiques, foods, and
more to choose from. Depending on the items we will have 1 or more copies in stock. For example: Most antiques are unique, and
we may have only one item for sale, however we normally keep 2-5 copies of all books.  This Shared inventory is used by all
sellers.  If an item is popular, we will have many copies ready to ship to your customers.  If a shared inventory item ever sells out,
then it normally takes only a few days to re-stock for you. You can check inventory status, any time, day or night.

Inventory (Private):
If you want us to carry a book or other items which we don't normally carry, then we will add this to your private inventory listing.  
We will honor most special requests, so feel free to contact us!  We also maintain a private storage locker for each seller.  So if
you want to send a special gift, catalog, business card, etc with each order, then you may send us anything to store in your
locker, together with your private inventory.  If you worry that a favorite shared inventory item may sell out, then you may keep 1
or more copies in your private inventory.  This means that we will store extra copies just for you. These extra copies will not be
shared with other sellers. Your private inventory status is available any time, day or night as well.

Inventory (Locked):
If an item is listed as Rare or 1-of-a-Kind (such as an antique), then it can not be listed as a shared item.  You may LOCK this item
for a period of time, so no other seller can have access to it. There are only a limited number of item locks available for each tier
level, however, you may add additional items for a small extra fee.

Personalized Invoices:
We will ship each of your orders directly to your customer as if they came from you. We give you the opportunity to select your
invoice style, upload a color logo, address information etc.  You may also mail us any flyers, catalogs, or gifts that you wish to be
shipped together with each order. The higher tier stores have more template choices, and paper colors to select from, but all
tiers look perfectly professional!

Advanced Support:
Passing-Fancy B2B staff is available to help with any questions or problems which may arise with your store, inventory, orders,
etc. We will provide prompt support via Email, Live Chat sessions on Skype, and a voice phone line if necessary.  Support
requests are handled from the highest Tier first; however, even a new seller's email will normally be handled within a few hours!

Specialty Packaging:
Gift Wrapping and other specialty packaging services are available for a small fee. We will even use your own shop designed
wrapping if you desire! Please contact us for more information.

Editorial Services:
We can also provide product photos, descriptions, programmed iFrame inserts and more!
First, we offer wholesale discounts for EVERYTHING in our store!

We currently offer thousands of Japanese books, magazines, antiques, clothing, unique gifts, and even daily Japanese
commodities for you to use or resell.  We have a very large, and constantly growing inventory of items to choose from, and we will
gladly help you find any item you wish to sell!  

Retailers/Resellers enjoy 10% OR MORE on all items in our store. The more your order, the larger your discounts get!
Every order during the month adds up to larger discounts! Several small orders count as 1 large order!
Order $1 - $249, and receive a 10% Discount!                                  ($50-$100 min. 1st order for new accounts)
Order $250 - $499, and earn a 15% Discount!
Order $500 - $750, and earn a 20% Discount!
Order $750 - $1000 and earn a 25% Discount!
Larger Resellers who move more than $1000 each month, then we provide even better pricing plans!
For example:
Let's say you want to re-sell our popular $125 Duffel Coat.
You receive an instant 10% discount on your order. That's a $12.50 profit on the 1st sale!
When you sell a second $125 Jacket, you will earn a 15% discount (for going over $250 in sales).
That's a $18.75 profit on your 2nd sale!