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English translations are included FREE with most of our comics!

Please help us support your favorite artists and publishers!  If you don't buy the books, the artists don't get paid!
We only provide translations FREE, together with the original comics to help you enjoy the stories.
We will never offer translations without the original books, so please don't ask!

Less than 10% of all Japanese Manga comics have been licensed to be printed in other languages like English, so our listings are
often the only way to enjoy these fantastic stories!  Even the few series that have been licensed for English printing, lack the
quality of these original Japanese collectibles!  With any of our listings which include (
+ENGLISH) in the title, you will receive
BOTH, the original Japanese language book sealed in plastic, AND you will also receive the English translation provided FREE on a

To make our translations, every page of the original book was scanned, then each Japanese text bubble was erased and
replaced with clear English. You can read the CD-ROM just like a book!  Don't worry, your books will arrive in excellent condition,
the copy which was used for the scanning was destroyed long ago.

If your favorite book is not listed with (+English) in the title, then it may not be translated yet. Or perhaps it has been started, but
not yet completed. We usually complete about 20-30 translations each week, so your favorite titles should be finished soon. We
will update the listings to show (+English) in the title when each translation is completed.

If you just can't wait, then feel free to
EMAIL us.  Maybe the translation has already been completed, or maybe we can move it to
the top of our giant 'To-Do' list.

Also, If you happen to find the translations online somewhere else for us, then we can send you the books for free!
If you buy any books now without translations, and see we have translations available in the future, please email us any time for a
free copy!

We are always looking to build partnerships with other web-sites who may have translations in other languages, such as
Spanish, French, German or others.

If you are part of a Web-site, Blog or any other group who actively translates comics or makes 'scanslations', then please feel
free to contact us for help! We can offer you free copies of the newest books, and other gifts to help your efforts. It is our goal to
make Japanese manga comics available for everyone to enjoy! Please
EMAIL us for more information, and visit our PARTNER
and PARTNER SALES pages for even more details.

Don't be a pin-head!
If you are PAYING for digital manga scans without the original books, then you are being ripped off!
If you only read Manga online or download them to your computer, but you don't own any original books, then you are seriously
hurting the manga community. Please support the artists and buy the original books, or an army of otaku zombies will attack you
while you sleep!
Translations Are Available With Most Comics!